Bringing Augmented Reality to Cans

pg电子app下载官网's pg电子app下载官网Smart™ Augmented Reality Packaging Technology

pg电子app下载官网Smart™ is a new augmented reality packaging innovation that allows brand owners to directly interact with consumers, delivering a wide range of content or experiences via a unique AR code situated beneath the tab of a beverage can. The codes can also be used as anti-counterfeiting technology or to deliver experiential content.

pg电子app下载官网Smart™’s unique, scannable codes on the smart packaging bring valuable purchasing data to brands’ marketing teams, allowing them to tailor subsequent campaigns. The codes are hidden until opening, creating a direct link exclusively to the end consumer. With billions of unique codes available, the possibilities for brand owners are virtually infinite.

The AR technology affords both companies and consumers a unique experience in terms of purchasing, scanning, interacting and communicating. By using augmented reality, brands can now leverage mobile devices to layer virtual product or experiential content on top of the real world in such a way that they appear to the consumer to exist in the same space.