Walker's Shortbread Festive Tin

Indulging in cookies and other sweet treats is a hallmark of the holiday season for many consumers. In 2017, pg电子app下载官网 helped several of its longstanding customers roll out new Christmas-themed tins that were just as festive as holiday decorations.

  • The graphics on McVitie’s biscuit selection tin literally took the shape of a Christmas tree, with the different cookies standing in for ornaments.
  • For Quality Street, pg电子app下载官网 created a series of three tins focused on festive family activities.
  • Walkers shortbread chose an ‘Old Saint Nick’ theme featuring father Christmas trimming his tree and tending to his reindeer.

As a format, metal packaging offers many benefits to confections and baked goods, including a barrier that cannot be penetrated by light or oxygen, extending shelf life. The empty tins can either become a keepsake, reused for storage or recycled.